What is House Bolting / Seismic Retrofitting and what are the benefits of bolting my Home?

House Bolting is a method of securing your home to the foundation using bolts or where drilling space is limited side plates are used. Seismic Retrofitting is a process that substantially increases the resistance of your home to earthquake damage and the risk of injury. Homes built prior to 1948 are not attached in any way and cannot withstand the downward pull of gravity, But forces of an earthquake are not just up and down, they are sideways as well. Strengthened homes are safer to live in and easier to sell and insure. Some insurance companies and banks will not insure or refinance the homes unless the foundation is bolted. The Northridge quake has proven that bolted homes stayed on their foundations in the same neighborhoods where unbolted homes did not.

Stepped Foundation                 Universal Side Plate                        Flush Plate                   Cripple Wall Reinforcement

We at Nielsen have made it our mission to use only the best carbon steel bolts, framing anchors and structural grade plywood to substantially increase the resistance of your home to earthquake damage and risk of injury. Backed by 30 years of experience we are more than familiar with commercial as well as residential seismic upgrades. The Nielsen Company stands ready to help you protect your home against earthquake devastation. We will be pleased to provide you with a free inspection and seismic analysis of your home. If your home is secure and doesn’t need seismic retrofitting, we’ll tell you up front and it wont cost you anything. We assure you that we will not sell you anything you do not absolutely need. Call now for an appraisal appointment or further information

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